Lost Nation Builders: Groveton, New Hampshire Lost Nation Builders: Groveton, New Hampshire

Michael Phillips
859 Lost Nation Road
Groveton, New Hampshire 03582
(603) 636-2286


Lost Nation Builders designs and constructs eco-savvy homes and historical renovations as part of a craftsman collaborative in northern New Hampshire and northeastern Vermont. Michael Phillips and company come highly recommended to anyone with a desire for a home that suits this North Country landscape, places energy efficiency as a top priority, and appreciates fine craftsmanship. We'll describe some of what we do below -- as well as link you to several intriguing essays on building considerations, along with instructive photos from recent jobs -- but please understand from the get go: Every home is precious to the family that lives on and stewards a particular piece of ground. That statement implies relationship and trust. And that's where we begin if you decide to choose us as your builders.

Types of Work Done

Old House renovations and additions
Ecological new construction
Flexible design process
Barns and other sustainable outbuildings
Custom hardwood trim
Cabinet artistry in nooks aplenty
Landscaping, including stonework
Alternative energy considerations

Clear Job Price

The budget process starts with clear communication. We listen to what you envision, make suggestions as to design options from both an aesthetic and cost perspective, and then draw up a line item estimate of the work to be done. The goal is to establish a price ceiling to allow for a more flexible building process. Good ideas inevitably occur once work begins. Small changes can readily be accommodated in this type of budget; more extensive change orders may require a new line item be added to the overall cost picture. We keep the budget up-to-date so the customer always understands where the money is being spent.

The majority of our jobs are done on a time & materials basis as this often saves money for the customer in the end. A fixed bid price can be appropriate for smaller jobs and clearly-defined new construction. Either way, with Lost Nation Builders, you'll be pleased that "job profit" is always invested into quality workmanship and durable materials rather than into the general contractor's pocket.

Craftsman Collaborative

Lost Nation Builders operates as a "craftsman collaborative" in order to have the flexibility to choose the types of work we like best. The advantages of networking between independent contractors allow each of us to pursue specialty jobs while being available to crew together for big jobs. Each craftsperson determines his rate on which the budget is based; Michael manages the "big picture" without a markup on each sub-contractor; we're all good friends who admire the skills and creative suggestions of the other.

Which is a totally different scene from builders who incur numerous additional costs in running an employee-driven business. Lost Nation Builders are essentially the "Guys Without Names On Our Trucks" -- a collaborative of carpenters, masons, cabinet makers, electricians, post'n'beam framers, and the always appreciated plumber -- who put quality work and having fun at the fore over self promotion.

You will quickly discern the difference. The energy is infectious. Each day sees great progress towards the goal. Give the lads of Lost Nation a holler today to discuss your building needs. Email Michael Phillips or give a call to 603-636-2286 . . . and we'll see what we can do!

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